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The EU Energy Challenge: Can innovation fill the gap?
The EU’s transition to a sustainable energy system is a top policy challenge of the coming decade. Though much progress has been achieved, the pace of change is too slow.
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 13 November 2014
The Innovation Connection - The 2014 Science|Business Summit
The 2014 Science|Business Summit will bring together leaders from research, industry and policy to debate current future trends needed to unleash Europe's technological potential.
Berlin - 07 October 2014
Helping Europe Innovate
The Annual Report 2013-2014 is a summary of the activites of the Science|Business Innovation Board over the past year. The Science|Business...
EC energy policy shift for 2030: a competitive low-carbon economy

Subsidies for renewable energies should be progressively eliminated where they distort competition, Director-General Dominique Ristori tells Science|Business

Dominique Ristori, director general, DG Energy

The European Commission is championing a more “coherent and global approach” to energy policy in its 2030 package, says Dominique Ristori, director general at DG Energy. The priority now is to forge a more competitive low-carbon economy. “This is fundamental because it will influence the whole chain of decisions,” Ristori told Science|Business.

For starters, Europe needs a more market-based approach to renewable energies and this should include, “the progressive elimination of unjustified subsidies for mature technologies,” Ristori...

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