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Warwick: £100K award to boost real-world impact of bioscience research


The University of Warwick has been awarded a £100,000 grant to help its research create a bigger impact in society and the wider economy.

The Sparking Impact awarded has been given by the funding body BBSRC, which invests in bioscience research.

The award will enable scientists at the University of Warwick to better understand the needs of wider society, for example in the worlds of business, agriculture, charities or health.

This will involve networking with potential end users as well as early-stage support to guide the design of future research.

Professor John McCarthy said: “The School of Life Sciences plays the leading role in a strategic partnership between the University of Warwick and the BBSRC.

“I am delighted that the BBSRC, in recognition of our university’s outstanding contributions to high-impact bioscience, has decided to make this award to us.

“This money can be used by colleagues in any of our schools to enhance the achievement of optimal impact in research areas including biotechnology, environment, food security, large data and bioscience underpinning wellbeing.”

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