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Horizon 2020 – New Commission, new Agenda
The 2015 Science|Business Horizon 2020 Conference
Brussels - 24 March 2015
Aalto University Academic Summit (Partner Event)
The summit will focus on how universities contribute in creating knowledge societies thereby facilitating economic development, job creation and well-being.
Espoo, Finland - 18 November 2014
The EU Energy Challenge: Can innovation fill the gap?
The EU’s transition to a sustainable energy system is a top policy challenge of the coming decade. Though much progress has been achieved, the pace of change is too slow.
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 14 November 2014
Helping Europe Innovate
The Annual Report 2013-2014 is a summary of the activites of the Science|Business Innovation Board over the past year. The Science|Business...
Harmonise clinical trial regulations to boost medical research - and save lives

Complex and inconsistent clinical trial regulations are causing delays and raising costs for academic clinicians conducting international studies. Governments need to harmonise trial approval processes, says the OECD

Frédéric Sgard, Project Administrator, OECD Global Science Forum

Clinical trials are an essential part of the development of medical treatments. They involve  testing new medicines or new therapies, as well as optimising existing medicinal products and procedures, by carrying out carefully controlled investigations on patients. Although the majority of these trials are conducted by the pharmaceutical industry, many are driven by pressing public health needs, and by scientific opportunities, rather than by economic interests of private companies.

Such trials often involve diseases that affect...

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