Bad news for research and innovation?
Advocates for cross-sectoral R&D support fear a downgrade in the new Commission – but in individual areas such as energy, digital technologies, and pharmaceuticals, a stronger emphasis on growth and investment is good news for many
Portugal’s Carlos Moedas named new EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation
Moedas, the negotiator who helped Portugal exit its bailout programme and a surprise pick for the job, will return to his first love – pending approval from the European Parliament
Juncker fields his team
Newly structured Commission includes extra digital and energy briefs and a potentially unwieldy composition
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“Invention means you’ve invented something – it doesn’t mean you’ve been successful”
Spinning out technology used in space missions is a high-risk game. Frank Salzgeber, head of technology transfer at the European Space Agency and space tech’s “friendly uncle”, tells Science|Business how he can help
Only a ‘Yes’ to independence can protect research in Scotland’s universities
Independence will leave Scotland better-placed to support its universities and enable the country to attract more private R&D funding, says Professor Bryan MacGregor, Vice Principal and Head of the College of Physical Sciences at Aberdeen University
The future of research in Scotland will be ‘better together’
As the 18 September referendum looms closer, Jim Gallacher, emeritus professor at Glasgow Caledonian University, calls for a ‘No’ vote against Scottish independence, saying universities and research will be stronger if Scotland remains part of the UK
Bad news for research and innovation?
Advocates for cross-sectoral R&D support fear a downgrade in the new Commission – but in individual areas such as energy, digital technologies, and pharmaceuticals, a stronger emphasis on growth and investment is good news for many
New Commission must try to end the innovation divide
As the Commission prepares for the next term, the current EU Commissioner for regional policy, Johannes Hahn talks to Science|Business about the old problems facing the EU’s “new start” and the impact of smart specialisation
Scientists use E.coli to generate renewable propane
Bacteria have been genetically engineered to produce propane. Now there is a challenge to scale-up the process

ETH Zurich: The Federal Council supports the innovation park in Dübendorf
The Federal Council took a decision in principle in favour of the innovation park on Wednesday. To this end, it plans to reserve 70 hectares in Dübendorf. Today's military airdrome is also to be used for civil aviation in the future.
Imperial chemist wins prestigious Wolfson Research Merit Award
Professor Iain McCulloch has been presented with the Wolfson Research Merit Award in recognition of his outstanding work on semiconducting materials.
ETH: New centre for biomedical imaging
ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich are pooling their expertise in biomedical imaging technologies. Their new competence centre EXCITE Zurich aims to efficiently translate new ideas from basic research into clinical practice. The centre will be inaugurated on Saturday.

Helping Europe Innovate
Science|Business Innovation Board AISBL Annual Report 2012-2013
A Grace Period for Patents
Could it help European universities innovate?
Inside the mind of European academic entrepreneurs
Perceptions of ACES finalists about the process of science entrepreneurship

Helping Europe Innovate
The Annual Report 2013-2014 is a summary of the activites of the Science|Business Innovation Board over the past year. The Science|Business...
The Renewable Power Dilemma
Europe is determined to lead the world in the shift to green energy. A key policy goal in the European Commission’s...
The value(s) of science
With Europe’s biggest-ever research programme, Horizon 2020, now underway, Science|Business gathered several leaders in European research, industry and policy to debate...
Small companies, big ideas: How intellectual property helps SME's grow
Dynamic small companies are a key to driving economic growth; that much we all know. But what helps those companies grow? For a technologybased company, one answer is obvious: The ideas on which they found the company. In short, their intellectual property.
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