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European Commission invites 12 startups to meet
The Tech all stars competition offers the opportunity to pitch to successful entrepreneurs
Searching for smart specialisation in Greece
Georgios Stavropoulos, a physicist in Greece’s Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, is pitching for his frontier deep sea neutrino project to be included under the EU’s new experimental regional funding scheme
Centralised power generation and distribution is big obstacle to renewable energy
Germany’s ambitious Energiewende made it the world’s largest energy lab. But with CO2 emissions up and electricity prices rising, the programme’s value as a blueprint for others is limited, says Stephan Reimelt, president and CEO of GE Energy, Germany.
European Parliament signs off on remaining piece of Horizon 2020 worth €9B
Next generation of public-public research programmes in fields of clinical trials, SME financing, active ageing and metrology among initiatives that received green light from MEPs
Raiding the underwater medicine cabinet: the EU’s €9.5M venture into the sea
As resistance to traditional antibiotics reaches crisis levels, scientists are poised to forage in hard-to-reach sea trenches for new antimicrobials and novel compounds that could provide the basis of new drugs
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Horizon 2020: The ethics project
Science|Business begins a series of viewpoints on the ethical dimensions of Europe’s biggest R&D programme
“We expected to receive around 150 applications a year and fund around 40 projects. But we ended up with 600-700 applications and 150 projects annually”
With the Eurostars’ funding pot replenished by nearly €1.2B, EUREKA chairwoman Kristin Danielsen shares her thoughts on its importance for small businesses in Europe
Europe needs maritime spatial planning to avoid over-exploitation of our seas
Growth in the marine sector is welcome, but needs to be sensitively managed; we shouldn’t put wind turbines in fishing grounds. Investing in seabed mapping technology will ensure resources are used in a sustainable way, says Maria do Céu Patrão Neves, MEP
Horizon 2020: The ethics project
Science|Business begins a series of viewpoints on the ethical dimensions of Europe’s biggest R&D programme
Innovation in Progress - Science|Business Network
ETH produced the thinnest feasible membrane
A new nano-membrane made out of the “super material” graphene is extremely light and breathable. Not only can this open the door to a new generation of functional waterproof clothing, but also to ultra-rapid filtration. The membrane produced by the researchers at ETH Zurich is as thin as is technologically possible.
Chalmers develops novel high temperature materials for a sustainable society
Thermal power plants amounts to nearly 70% of all generated electricity worldwide, but also accounts for about one third of the global carbon dioxide emissions. By finding improved high temperature materials, thermal power plants can run more effectively to a lower cost, both economically and environmentally.
Imperial's Oxford Immunotec receives Queen's Award for Enterprise
Imperial Innovations' portfolio company, Oxford Immunotec Global PLC (NASDAQ: OXFD), has received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest accolade in business success.
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The Innovation Connection - The 2014 Science|Business Summit
The 2014 Science|Business Summit will bring together leaders from research, industry and policy to debate current future trends needed to unleash...
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So you want to start a company?
A workshop on forming a university spin-out company. Jointly organised by Science|Business and ASTP Proton as part of the ESOF conference....
Copenhagen - 25 June 2014
ACES Selection Committee
The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) Selection Committee meets to short list the finalists of the 2014 awards.
Copenhagen - 23 June 2014
The value(s) of science
With Europe’s biggest-ever research programme, Horizon 2020, now underway, Science|Business gathered several leaders in European research, industry and policy to debate the ethical questions that may arise. Their reflections, gathered here, are part of a Science|Business effort to spotlight the ethical dimensions of this vital new EU initiative.
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