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Views of 2030: Transport, health, manufacturing and education

A new Science|Businesss Network report looks towards future trends in four key sectors

EIT budget cut is ‘not money lost for innovation’, says Education Commissioner

Speaking at the Science|Business Horizon 2020 conference, Tibor Navracsics defends controversial plans to tap the EU innovation budget, and spoke on the importance of Marie Curie grants for researchers

R&D Commissioner tells UK’s top scientists to cherish EU membership

Carlos Moedas met the great and good of British science this week, delivering a speech at the Royal Society in which he called on researchers to support UK membership of the EU.

How natural materials can be patent protected

Limpet teeth have overtaken spider silk as the world’s strongest natural material. As attempts are made to replicate and put this material to use, it is important to look to the IP strategy, say patent attorneys Ben Dempster and Jennifer Unsworth

Equity crowdfunding can step in to plug the valley of death in drug discovery

A new online platform ShareIn is connecting biotech companies with investors. This is forcing traditional funders to up their game and cut back on layers of intermediary costs for start-ups, says Jude Cook, co-founder of ShareIn

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Innovation in Progress - Science|Business Network

ESADE and CERN participate in an initiative to promote start-ups based on technology developed at the research centre

ESADE and CERN participate in an initiative to promote start-ups based on technology developed at the research centre

Climate-KIC: Move from individual projects to challenge-led programmes to maximise Europe’s low carbon activities

A new study by Climate-KIC shows how towns and cities can chart a path for a successful transition to a low carbon economy. The report, ‘Maximising Europe’s Low Carbon Activities: Moving from Individual Projects to Challenge-led Programmes’ assesses programmes where public authorities have recognised the limitations of a traditional project approach, and moved towards more comprehensive programmes.

INSEAD: Professional experiences abroad make you more creative

Overseas Work Experience Provides Critical Catalyst For Creativity And Innovation In Organisations

Horizon 2020 Special Coverage
The Role of Science in Policymaking
A high-level dinner debate on the best approaches to deal with a changing and evolving science and knowledge environment.
Brussels - 12 May 2015
2015 Global Corporate Venturing Symposium (Partner event)
The 5th annual Symposium, London June 2/3, 2015
London - 02 June 2015
Financing SMEs and growth (Date to be confirmed)
A Science|Business public conference
Brussels - 23 June 2015
Unlocking the value of Personalised Healthcare in Europe
This new study shows ICT investments could cut healthcare costs for key ailments by more than 35%.
Bigger and Simpler: A short guide to the EU's €80 billion Horizon 2020 programme
A two-year political fight formally began in Brussels on 30 November with the publication of the European Commission's plan for Horizon 2020, its omnibus R&D programme. It promises less red tape, broader benefits, and more jobs and economic growth.
Biofuels: The Next Generation
Key ideas and recommendations to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels have emerged at the second in a series of three high-level academic policy debates on the energy R&D challenge, The Energy Difference