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ACES winner dials up literacy rates in Africa
A low-cost text message programme to help young people improve their English language skills won the Science|Business inaugural Global Innovation Award earlier this month. Its founder, Elvis Austins, spells out how he got here and what comes next
New European consortium to tackle antibiotic resistance
Drive-AB has €9.4M to develop new business models to promote industry investment in antibiotics and prevent their inappropriate use
Former industry leader calls for reform of EU’s approach to R&D
One-time head of IBM Europe and now an MEP, Hans-Olaf Henkel arrives in the EU capital to put his stamp on innovation policy and start a conversation on curtailing what he sees as Commission over-reach
University education must be the mother of re-invention
The interdisciplinary vision of the future that inspired the formation of Aalto University has arrived. This has profound implications for undergraduate education, says the university’s President, Tuula Teeri. Students must be equipped to re-invent themselves, she tells Science|Business
Binary Times: Analogue Europe is holding all of us back
Regrets, she has a few, but the real fault lies with politicians that remain tied to an analogue mind-set. The result is a two-speed Europe, says Neelie Kroes as she retires as Digital Commissioner – to be replaced by three men
Harnessing the fantastic power of students
Forget the theory: students are inspired by problem-solving and turning know-how into entrepreneurship. Even dissent is a focus for innovation, says John Einar Hustad of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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Innovation in Progress - Science|Business Network
New Cambridge Enterprise office opens on University Biomedical Campus
Cambridge Enterprise, the University's commercialisation arm, is expanding its reach with the opening of an adjunct office on the first floor...
UCL awarded £13.5 million to advance medical research facilities
As part of the Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative, UCL has been awarded £13.5 million for a number of projects to help advance clinical research.
Pisa is one of the key players in the race to create new low-power nanotransistors
The study carried out by a team of international researchers has been published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology
Horizon 2020 Special Coverage
The EU Energy Challenge: Can innovation fill the gap?
The EU’s transition to a sustainable energy system is a top policy challenge of the coming decade. Though much progress has...
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 14 November 2014
Aalto University Academic Summit (Partner Event)
The summit will focus on how universities contribute in creating knowledge societies thereby facilitating economic development, job creation and well-being.
Espoo, Finland - 18 November 2014
Horizon 2020 – New Commission, new Agenda
The 2015 Science|Business Horizon 2020 Conference
Brussels - 24 March 2015
Unlocking the value of Personalised Healthcare in Europe
This new study shows ICT investments could cut healthcare costs for key ailments by more than 35%.
Bigger and Simpler: A short guide to the EU's €80 billion Horizon 2020 programme
A two-year political fight formally began in Brussels on 30 November with the publication of the European Commission's plan for Horizon 2020, its omnibus R&D programme. It promises less red tape, broader benefits, and more jobs and economic growth.
Biofuels: The Next Generation
Key ideas and recommendations to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels have emerged at the second in a series of three high-level academic policy debates on the energy R&D challenge, The Energy Difference