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Scotland’s ban on GM crops a threat to the country’s science, say researchers

Leading research bodies are asking for an urgent meeting to discuss the Scottish government’s announcement of a ban on GM cultivation. The decision has no basis in scientific fact and is anti-science in Scotland, they say

Innovative Medicines Initiative says its research matches the best

An analysis of journal papers indicates IMI’s research has a high impact, but the partnership’s former head Michel Goldman says bibliometrics do not properly reflect the interests of participants. New metrics are needed to assess interdisciplinary projects

Commission approves £50M UK government funding to build engine for re-usable satellite launcher

If successful, the project will reduce the cost of putting satellites into low Earth orbit

Life scientific: the view from outside the EU

How might its science be affected if the UK were to leave the EU? Science|Business asked some researchers from non-EU countries for their perspectives

Bring the Silicon Valley approach to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

Martin Rees, UK Astronomer Royal tells Science|Business why it is important to bring entrepreneurial cash and the principles of open innovation to bear on one of the biggest questions in science: Are we alone?

Gender equality in research: reason to be cautiously optimistic

Fresh data from the European Commission shows there is an increase in new female graduates. But a lack of women in leadership roles is a continuing problem, says Curt Rice, who leads Norway's committee on gender balance in research

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Warwick engineering students design world beating submarine

A submarine designed and built by engineering students at the University of Warwick was awarded 1st Prize for Innovation at the 2015 the International Submarine Races (ISR)

UCL announced as National Business Awards finalist

UCL has been shortlisted for the The Duke of York Award for University Entrepreneurship for the 2015 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.

Imperial College London: Engineering's family day inspires budding young scientists

Imperial's Faculty of Engineering held their second annual Bring Your Child to Work Day this week.

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