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New figures reveal progress needed towards a digital Europe
The digital experience of Europeans depends on which country you are in. Performance varies from digital top players such as Denmark to lower-performance countries such as Romania, according to a new EU index
Big Science in Europe: what is it worth and how do we get more from it?
A new Science|Business report counts the benefits of big science and presents opinions from experts on how these projects can do even more to pay their way
Europe’s leading big science labs form collaboration for commercialisation
Facilities including CERN, the European Southern Observatory and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory are joining forces to push advanced technologies they use in research into wider application and commercial products
New models are needed for translating open science to innovation
Internet-enabled forms of scientific collaboration, popularly referred to as open science, have not automatically translated into innovation. We must adapt by inventing new types of institutions, says Henry Chesbrough, father of open innovation
Patients should have more control over their health
Smartphones can help you understand and look after your health says Bruce Hellman, chief executive of health app start-up uMotif
VIDEO: Researchers, speak up!
With the prospect of cuts hanging over the EU’s research budget, scientists should be stirring, MEP Claude Turmes tells Science|Business
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Innovation in Progress - Science|Business Network
Imperial: Scientists unravel mechanisms that stop proteins misbehaving
Scientists have shed new light on the behaviour of proteins in cells, which could lead to fresh approaches for tackling diseases, including cancer.
Warwick: Researchers investigate hi-tech solutions to help patients get more out of their assistive technology
Adaptive, Assistive Rehabilitative Technology: Beyond the Clinic (AART-BC) will develop a platform to monitor the use of assistive technology (AT) and compliance with rehabilitation programmes (RP) and support the patient outside of the clinic.
ETH: An oscilloscope for MRI scanners
Take three driven physics wizards, an innovative business idea and lots of hard work, and what do you get? An ETH spin-off that could further advance both MRI research and medical diagnostics.
Horizon 2020 Special Coverage
Energy Forecast Summit 2015 (Partner event)
Join the pan-European energy community for the 2015 edition of the Energy Forecast Summit on March 4 & 5, 2015 in...
Brussels - 04 March 2015
6th University Business Forum (Partner Event)
The Sixth UBForum provides a unique platform for stakeholders from academia and the business sector in Europe. Password: NPEC
Brussels - 05 March 2015
Disease prevention. Dementia, Cardiovascular disease, Oncology
A high-level roundtable as part of the Science|Business foresight series
Brussels - 24 March 2015
Unlocking the value of Personalised Healthcare in Europe
This new study shows ICT investments could cut healthcare costs for key ailments by more than 35%.
Bigger and Simpler: A short guide to the EU's €80 billion Horizon 2020 programme
A two-year political fight formally began in Brussels on 30 November with the publication of the European Commission's plan for Horizon 2020, its omnibus R&D programme. It promises less red tape, broader benefits, and more jobs and economic growth.
Biofuels: The Next Generation
Key ideas and recommendations to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels have emerged at the second in a series of three high-level academic policy debates on the energy R&D challenge, The Energy Difference