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Helsinki’s ambitious Uber for buses experiment has failed. What went wrong?

Helsinki has abandoned Kutsuplus, a much-heralded scheme which mixed elements of taxi and public transport services. The founders of the Aalto University spin-out say the system cost too much

Vaccine race underway for Zika virus

Following stark warnings from the World Health Organization, the rapid development of a vaccine has become a top priority

New EU Scientific Advice Mechanism holds first meeting

Panel’s first assignments will be cybersecurity and CO2 emissions

Why do we need a European Innovation Council?

The cloudy vision for the EIC invites scepticism. Convince me with a set of objectives, a strategy and action plan, says MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel, deputy chair of ITRE

It’s a lot easier to grow a start-up in Europe than six years ago

The ecosystem is improved, but dedication, commitment and hard work remain the key to success, says Croatian entrepreneur Ivo Spigel, who interviewed 28 of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs for his book, The European Start-up Revolution

EU technology policies need to reach the start-up audience

What is claimed as the world’s largest technology incubator is taking shape in Paris. Its director, Roxanne Varza, says the city is gathering steam as a digital hub and the EU needs to support European start-ups in going global

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University of Bologna: A “cosmic scale” unmasks thin-looking fat stars

A team of researchers of the Bologna University has proposed a “cosmic scale” able to unmask these elusive thin-looking fat stars. A few heavy stars generated by stellar interactions are hidden in the core of ancient stellar systems made of millions lighter stars, with masses lower than that of our Sun.

Biogen joins pioneering target validation collaboration

The Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation welcomes new member Biogen, expanding its efforts to accelerate drug discovery research

EUA approves roadmap on open access

The Council of the European University Association (EUA) is pleased to announce that it has published its “Roadmap on Open Access to Research Publications” after an endorsement from the EUA Council at its meeting on 29 January 2016.

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Unlocking the value of Personalised Healthcare in Europe
This new study shows ICT investments could cut healthcare costs for key ailments by more than 35%.
Bigger and Simpler: A short guide to the EU's €80 billion Horizon 2020 programme
A two-year political fight formally began in Brussels on 30 November with the publication of the European Commission's plan for Horizon 2020, its omnibus R&D programme. It promises less red tape, broader benefits, and more jobs and economic growth.
Biofuels: The Next Generation
Key ideas and recommendations to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels have emerged at the second in a series of three high-level academic policy debates on the energy R&D challenge, The Energy Difference