news UK universities launch campaign to stay in EU ahead of Brexit vote

EU membership is overwhelmingly positive for our institutes say university heads, as new campaign to protect £1.2B per annum of European research funding gets into gear this week

news Dutch artist to turn air pollution into jewellery

New crowdfunding effort aims to clean up smog-choked areas

news European Research Council announces €1.7B budget for 2016

The first competition opened this week, with two more scheduled for October

news Mettler steps in as head of the EU’s foresight system

The European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS) will continue its mission under new leadership, with plans to increase its global standing in policy analysis and foresight

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'Moi, robot': industrial automation from Montpellier EU project

Researchers at the Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics (LIRMM are now testing CableBOT, an innovative industrial robot that could help reduce industrial manufacturing costs in Europe to forestall outsourcing.

Video source: © European Commission 2015 / euronews 2015


viewpoints Bring the Silicon Valley approach to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

Martin Rees, UK Astronomer Royal tells Science|Business why it is important to bring entrepreneurial cash and the principles of open innovation to bear on one of the biggest questions in science: Are we alone?

viewpoints Gender equality in research: reason to be cautiously optimistic

Fresh data from the European Commission shows there is an increase in new female graduates. But a lack of women in leadership roles is a continuing problem, says Curt Rice, who leads Norway's committee on gender balance in research

viewpoints To get EU science grants, applicants should sit research integrity classes

Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas wants an initiative to tackle science misconduct to be in place by the end of the year. It is an issue Europe is divided on, says Simon Godecharle, researcher and ethicist at KU Leuven

viewpoints More clarity needed on new EU science advice mechanism

The EU Commission is setting up a new science advice scheme. Before recruiting experts, it should specify the goals and methodology, says Martin Kowarsch, Head of Scientific Assessments, Ethics and Public Policy at Germany’s MCC climate change research institute

viewpoints Greek scientists debate the economic crisis

Greece’s research base is crumbling and the brightest minds brain draining away, many warn. Science|Business talks to two representative researchers about what should be done

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report Horizon 2020 The insider’s guide

To succeed at Horizon 2020, you need a good road map – not just for the fundamentals of applying for grants, but...

report Views of 2030: Transport, manufacturing, education and health

In October 2014, members of the Science|Business Network of universities and companies met in Berlin to compare notes about the future of four key sectors in Europe. This is what they see coming.

report Fixing the system: Horizon 2020 should focus on the overall system for delivering healthcare, experts say

Across the European Union, healthcare authorities are striving to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their delivery systems. The population is...

report The Innovation Connection: Yearbook of the Academic Enterprise Awards

Every year since 2008, the Science|Business Innovation Board has gathered entrepreneurs and innovators from across Europe for its annual awards. Meet this year’s winners – transforming education, enterprise, and the economy.

report BIG SCIENCE: What’s It Worth?

The world spends millions a year on telescopes, synchrotrons, colliders, DNA databases and other ‘big science’ projects. What does it get for that money?

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event Innovation Valley: Which European life sciences clusters are in the lead?

A high level conference on the leading life science clusters in Europe

Brussels - 22 September 2015

event Escaping the money trap: New ideas for financing SMEs

A Science|Business event

Brussels - 29 September 2015

event The future of manufacturing: Industry 4.0

A Science|Business event

Brussels - 20 October 2015

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S|B Innovation Network

network Cambridge researchers and pharma in innovative new consortium to develop and study early stage drugs

An innovative new Consortium will act as a ‘match-making’ service between pharmaceutical companies and researchers in Cambridge with the aim of developing and studying precision medicines for some of the most globally devastating diseases.

network Biogen enters collaboration with the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center

The collaboration aims to enhance disease understanding and increase the pace of discovery of new therapeutics

network Imperial Incubator celebrates billion dollar spinout success

The Imperial Incubator celebrated its spinout companies' extraordinary growth at a special 'graduation' event yesterday.

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S|B Innovation Board


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