news Parliament and scientists both claim win on reversing Horizon 2020 cuts

Following tough negotiations, the European Commission has announced it will cut €500M less from the Horizon 2020 research programme, after additional money is found in the EU budget

news Poland making moves to lift barriers to investing in drug discovery

Shortcomings in the framework for clinical trials, little knowledge of intellectual property law and an awkward relationship between scientists and technology transfer offices are holding back science-industry collaboration, but work is in hand to change things

news High renewal fees for unitary patent would be a tax on innovation

After all the promises about lower fees, small companies are in danger of being priced out of Europe’s new patent regime, complains Eurochambres in a letter to the EU industry chief

news EU to offer advice on energy investments to regions

A new service will advise Europe’s regional and local authorities on spending EU regional funds for low-carbon energy projects

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Evidence v. the ‘precautionary principle’: The endless debate

Finding policy answers for GMOs, trade and other hot topics requires good evidence – but in the end, it depends on ‘how informed the politicians are,’ says Paul Rübig, chair of the European Parliament’s technology assessment committee.


viewpoints Harness citizen science to protect the environment

More than 850,000 amateurs across the UK have contributed observations to a volunteer data collection programme at Imperial College London. Governments could capture such enthusiasm to promote environmental protection, says David Slawson of the Open Air Laboratories project

viewpoints How to avoid Horizon 2020 success being tarred by high failure rate

Today massive demand, tomorrow resentment: if the European Commission fails to acknowledge the overheads of applying for grants and act on low success rates, the credibility of its R&D programme could begin to slide

viewpoints Scientists can help put the brake on Brexit

There are great UK-EU science stories buried under all the one-sided anti-Brussels spin and now is the time to tell them, says Mike Galsworthy, researcher turned political activist

viewpoints Horizon 2020: what’s not to like for industry? Well, one or two things

The EU has put in considerable effort to attract research-based companies to take part in Horizon 2020. But two-stage evaluations and prioritising economic impact are not working, says GE’s Director of EU Funding, Chris Haenen

viewpoints EIT budget axe must swing more evenly

Poorly spread-out cuts to the European Institute of Innovation & Technology’s budget means we can’t plan research agendas for the next two years or train the same number of students, says Diego Pavía, chief of EIT energy

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report Views of 2030: Transport, manufacturing, education and health

In October 2014, members of the Science|Business Network of universities and companies met in Berlin to compare notes about the future of four key sectors in Europe. This is what they see coming.

report Fixing the system: Horizon 2020 should focus on the overall system for delivering healthcare, experts say

Across the European Union, healthcare authorities are striving to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their delivery systems. The population is...

report The Innovation Connection: Yearbook of the Academic Enterprise Awards

Every year since 2008, the Science|Business Innovation Board has gathered entrepreneurs and innovators from across Europe for its annual awards. Meet this year’s winners – transforming education, enterprise, and the economy.

report BIG SCIENCE: What’s It Worth?

The world spends millions a year on telescopes, synchrotrons, colliders, DNA databases and other ‘big science’ projects. What does it get for that money?

report From Open Science to Open Innovation

This paper highlights the need for developing appropriate new open innovation institutions, to help bridge this gap from open science to open innovation.

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event 2015 Global Corporate Venturing Symposium (Partner event)

The 5th annual Symposium, London June 2/3, 2015

London - 02 June 2015

event Investing in breakthrough technologies: The case of ‘ATTRACT’

A Science|Business Dinner for investors interested in joining a dynamic new technology initiative

London - 03 June 2015

event Escaping the money trap: New ideas for financing SMEs

A Science|Business public conference

Brussels - 29 September 2015

event The future of manufacturing: Industry 4.0

A Science|Business public conference

Brussels - 20 October 2015

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S|B Innovation Network

network Aalto University researcher receives ERC Consolidator Grant

The project aims to accelerate benefits of the genomic era, by finding novel proteins and enzymes with totally new and useful properties.

network Imperial researchers win Health Foundation grant for cancer innovation study

A research team from Imperial College Business School has been chosen by the Health Foundation to be part of its £1.5 million Efficiency Research Programme. The award is for original research on system efficiency and value for money in health and social care.

network Boeing to Showcase Sustainable Aviation Biofuel at Expo Milano 2015

Boeing will showcase its global efforts to develop sustainable aviation biofuel at Expo Milano 2015’s USA Pavilion, which highlights American industry, products and entrepreneurship in sustainability, nutrition and health, technology and innovation.

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